Luxe Bidet Products

Change the way you bidet today TODAY today with Luxe Bidet Products!


Change the way you bidet today TODAY today!


Bathroom Luxury Meets Eco-Friendly

Better Personal Hygiene

Toilet paper can leave you feeling unclean. Luxe Bidet© premium bidet attachments gently cleanse your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed, confident, and ready to conquer the day.

Preserve  Forests and Water Resources

In 2018, Americans alone used 46.2 billion rolls of toilet paper. Switching to bidets could save over 15 million trees and 473 billion gallons of water.

Easy On Your Wallet

Fun fact: Americans spend a total of $6 billion annually on toilet paper. Operating a mechanical bidet attachment costs roughly 12¢/day, or $45/year.


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